Welcome to Paris

An email arrived the other day from a tour company I had taken a river cruise with a couple of years ago.  That trip started in Paris and followed the Saone and Rhone rivers south to Tarascon, near Nice.  A wonderful excursion, but no part of all that scenic beauty and architectural history left an […]

The Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop was the beating heart of the University of Alberta for many decades, a holdover from the days of racoon coats, jalopies, tearing the goalposts down and 23-skidoo. It was a compact building on the edge of University property where students could get a haircut, buy toothpaste and razor blades, or get a […]

Space Centre

I found a newspaper clipping from 1988 announcing that the Space Sciences Centre had decided not to renew the contract of their executive director.  I kept the article because of the fond  memories I have of the man, whose name was John.  When I met him he was executive director of the Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium, […]